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The Basics
Name: Čarna (pronounce Charna)
Age: 18
Gender: female
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Your Weaknesses: I have anxiety disorder, I am acrophobic and quite lazy.
Your Strengths: I stand behind my beliefs, I am a good listener and apparently a decent advice-giver. :)
Your Talents: Well, I think I'm a creative person. I am an ex-violinist and been told I sing rather well.

Favorite Color(s) and why? red - because I just always liked it, pink - it makes me feel girly and giggly, black - don't know, it looks cool combined with other colours
Favorite Place(s) and why? I'd like to visit the UK, Iceland, Brazil and/or Norway some day (plus many many other countries). I am fascinated by different cultures, costums and beauties each place has to offer.
Favorite Movie(s) and why? Before Sunrise because it's so relaxing and emotional and has a wonderful story. Cruel Intentions for being so awesome. I love the storyline, the actors, the acting - everything.
Favorite Book(s) and why? "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" - it's a true story and even though it's rather disturbing, I still like it for being so honest and realistic. All HPs (yeah, I like them). Anne Rice books 'cause they're well written and interesting.
Favorite Television Show(s) and why? The Simpsons, Friends, Will&Grace, That 70's Show...They're all comedy shows and serve well for laughing! XD
Favorite Food(s) and why? Chinese, I love the spices, sauces and RICE *yumm*...:P

Music Related
Do you play any instruments? If so, what do you play and how good are you? Yes, a violin. I've been playing it for 6 years, graduated in the primary music school. Haven't practiced almost at all lately.
How comfortable are you on a stage in front of many, many people? If I'm sure that what I do is good, then it's just butterflies in my stomach. Otherwise I get extremely upset (if I'm forced to perform or something).
What are your feelings regarding groupies? Meh, their thing. To me they seem funny in a sad way. But I really couldn't care less.

Other Goodies
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? Spend time with my loved ones and doing things that make us happy.
Put the following words in order according to your priorities : Self, Money, Love, Power, Family Love, Family, Money, Self, Power
What is your opinion regarding censorship in the media? Depends on what's being censored. If it's some silly explicit language then I'd rather not pay too much attention to it. But nowadays there are, for example, too many video clips that feature really unsuitable scenes for certain age groups and they should really have them in mind as well.
If you could be any women in the music industry, who would you be? Emilie Autumn, Shirley Manson or Amy Lee.
Which female musician, alive or dead, do you admire the most? Bjork, Emilie Autumn and Shirley Manson. I just love them for being so talented and original.
If you were a musician what kind of music would you play? Probably some kind of goth rock, goth pop, with sounds of Celtic, electro and melodic metal in it. Mixture of all those, heheh.
If you could do a duet with anybody, (man or woman, dead or alive), who would it be? Hmm, maybe Darren Hayes (ex-Savage Garden), Amy Lee or HIM.

Anything else you feel needs to be said?
Post your picture(s) here.

I know they suck but unfortunately I have no better ones atm. :/

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