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"Felt like no one could hear me"

 The Basics
Name: Jackie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: New york, I don't live in NYC or anywhere near it
Your Weaknesses: I'm a rather apathetic person, I see things much more hasher than others my age, I have low self-esteem(sp?), I suck at spelling, I am pretty lazy(I like it that way), I'm a very cold person to those who wish to piss me off, I swear plently, I get irritated very easily, I can say pretty cruel things without realizing it(well, according to other people), I see the most flaws in myself than anyone else, I don't like opening up about my past or certain thoughts, I hate loud places and yet I love loud music, and I dislike a great amount of people around me.
Your Strengths: I can be kind when I want to be, I can have good judgement, I can write(or so people tell me), I'm pretty accepting of others, I am (compared to how I use to be) strong-willed and daring, I can see things more in-depthly than others my age(someone pointed it out to me, I don't even notice it until then), I don't see myself as better than anyone else, and I will always find the answer to something no matter how I get it, I can be determined when I want to be, I don't allow people to try and twist me into living for something I don't want too, and I can horse back ride pretty well.
Your Talents: Horse back riding and writing(poetry mostly)

Favorite Color(s) and why? Black/violet, the darkness is not something to fear but like the light can be what sets us free. Violet, it symbolizes mystery and difference to me.
Favorite Place(s) and why? I love going to the horse barn I ride at, it gives me some time off from reality. I also like going to a cafe where jazz is playing.
Favorite Movie(s) and why? The constant gardener and old school, The constant gardener is truly a masterpiece it shows a mans determination to find the answers his wife was searching for and died for. The art in it is excellent and how everything is filmed..just wow. Now for Old School, my family and I love will ferell(sp?) that movie makes me laugh my ass off everytime I watch it.
Favorite Book(s) and why? The Girl who loved Tom gordon-Stephen king, Carrie-Stephen king, and I'm in the middle of The Shining-Stephen king. His books always have a twist to them that is not just physical but emotional and pyshological(sp?), he is truly one of the greatest authors known to man.
Favorite Television Show(s) and why? Does Anime count? Noir, Cowboy Bebop, Saiyuki, and I like plently of comedy central shows. Noir, Cowboy bebop, and Saiyuki are animes and they all have a great plot. 
Favorite Food(s) and why? Key lime pie, It taste good is why. ^^

Music Related
Do you play any instruments? Nope
If so, what do you play and how good are you? Don't play
How comfortable are you on a stage in front of many, many people? I would be very very scared.
What are your feelings regarding groupies? Why would they sell themselves like that? They could be doing something better with their lives.

Other Goodies
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? Ask for everyone to leave me alone or leave the house and just lay down on the couch and have a nice relaxing last day.
Put the following words in order according to your priorities : Love, Family, Money, Self, Power
What is your opinion regarding censorship in the media? Depends on the situation, I believe that certain words yes should be censored like the N word, when the hell did that become acceptable to say? It is a degrading word for God's sake.
When it comes to swear words, I don't really see the point in it.
If you could be any women in the music industry, who would you be? Herm, good question. Probably..Tairrie B(not sure if I spelled her name right), she is one of the most couragous woman out there. She speaks her mind on how bad society is toward woman and doesn't care who hates her.
Which female musician, alive or dead, do you admire the most? Tairrie B, for always speaking her mind and seeing reality though I do have respect for Amy Lee. Amy is willing to sing about all the sadness she has endured in her life and I believe she hopes to help people through her singing.
If you were a musician what kind of music would you play? Rock most of the time and maybe some Jazz
If you could do a duet with anybody, (man or woman, dead or alive), who would it be? I don't know his name though the vocalist of The cure, I adore his voice. Also, maybe Gackt or Kyo(from Dir en grey). Gackt is interesting in what his lyrics send out, I don't speak Japanese or anything though I can just tell by how he sings what he is singing about in general. Kyo, He seems pretty kick ass. ^^

Anything else you feel needs to be said? Never give into society's bindings, always fight for what you believe in and find the answers to what you are searching for even if it means death.
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